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The GlobalVision platform has transformed and it's no mistake

At GlobalVision, we understand the importance of aiming for perfection. With so much competition across endless industries, one slip up could mean the success or failure of a business’s quarter.

All of that pressure and resulting stress doesn’t do anyone any good. Knowing that we have the power to not only help clients unlock the power of their businesses but also focus on more important things inspires us to push forward.

Each day we think to ourselves, “How can we improve, how can we do better so our customers can as well?” That type of thinking is what caused us to recently get inspired, look inward, and revolutionize our existing products.

Introducing the new and unified GlobalVision

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For decades GlobalVision has helped companies detect errors sooner and more consistently. We’ve preserved the integrity of brand images day in and day out, but knew that what we were doing could be better.

After countless late nights and weekends of diligent work, we’ve combined the entire suite of GlobalVision technologies into a single, unified platform for desktop deployments. Now, our clients can protect the quality and legitimacy of their business right from a desktop computer. Why does any of this matter to you?

Let’s take a closer look.

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency

Some of our existing and prospective clients may be thinking, “Our process of proofing files with GlobalVision software worked seamlessly before, why change it?” Well, there was a time we also thought tirelessly combing through mountains of documents for inconsistencies was efficient.

With the unification of our software into one application, we’re trimming away unnecessary steps needed to ensure best-in-class quality inspection. Simply by reducing time spent switching between separate applications, employees can rapidly increase their productivity and as a result revenue for their companies.

As they say, time is money.



  • The ability to view Process colors
  • Batch and booklet inspection in graphics, allowing pages with different orders or ganged sheets to be inspected in a single pass 
  • Improved support for separations
  • Create profiles for all inspection modes for more flexibility
  • Run inspection sets and generate a single report
  • Operate multiple modules at the same time (graphics, barcode, Braille at the same time) with the new multi-inspect mode
  • Side by side viewing for graphics inspection 

As you can see, the GlobalVision team has been hard at work. Each of these updates were painstakingly thought through with the future of our clients in mind. And while the software is new, the same intuitive user designs haven’t gone anywhere. At its core, it’s still the same quality control platform you know and love. We hope you’re as excited about this monumental product launch as we are.

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