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GlobalVision Web 3.5 Delivers Custom User Profiles and Improvements to Text & Spelling Inspection

by Kayla Caticchio | June 4, 2019

The new GlobalVision Web Version 3.5 gives GlobalVision users what they’ve been asking for, delivering several new highly requested features. In addition to custom Graphics Inspection profiles and an option to filter Text Inspection differences, several enhancements have been added for improved usability.


Top New Features:

Custom Profiles for Graphics Inspection

GlobalVision Web 3.5 comes with updates to improve both Text and Graphics Inspection modes. As mentioned, this new release adds the ability to upload custom Graphics Inspection profiles on a per-user basis.

Users can now manage custom setups and save their profiles under their unique log-in identification. This saves them time when setting up inspections and allows them to run inspections with their specific parameters.


Improved Handling of Differences for Text & Spelling Inspections

Text and Spelling Inspection users can also benefit from enhanced usability.
Here’s a look at the updates included in GlobalVision Web 3.5:

  • Group matching is now available in Spelling Inspection for duplicate differences found. This makes it easier for users to review and navigate through all differences in the report.
  • The release now lets users sort and filter through difference types in the Text Inspection Difference List.
  • Users can now assign levels and comments to multiple differences at once.

Additional Features:

  • Support has been added for special characters, and ligature handling in Text Inspection has been optimized.
  • The Text Inspection report now comes with a page for differences detected on images. Users can opt to ‘include image report’ and review all differences found on a whole image in the file.

GlobalVision Web 3.5 will be available on June 15th 2019. To learn more, contact sales.

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