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Introducing GlobalVision Desktop 5.5:
Improved Text & Spelling Inspection and a New Tool for Tobacco Packaging

by Kayla Caticchio

The latest release from GlobalVision gives desktop users the ability to run faster and more accurate inspections with enhanced Text & Spelling Inspection features. Along with optimized processing speeds and improved usability, Version 5.5 introduces a new add-on tool for the inspection of tobacco packaging.


Top New Features:

Increased Processing Speeds

The newest version features a standalone Spelling mode thread by processing spelling inspections in the GlobalVision executable rather than the Text inspection executable. This update optimizes processing speeds by up to 4x, allowing users to complete revision cycles in a shorter time frame. In addition, users now have the option to preload files for Text Inspection.

Less Pixelation when Zooming In

GlobalVision 5.5 also comes with improvements to the clarity of text displayed during Text and Spelling inspections. The area of a file to which users zoom in is now rasterized at a higher resolution, reducing the pixelation of the image in the Master/Sample panel.


Updated Difference List for Text & Spelling

Pop-up menus now help users navigate differences by clearly displaying levels and comments during inspections. The handling of Spelling dictionaries has also been addressed to improve the accuracy of punctuation errors detected during Text Inspection.


Health Warning Inspection Tool for Tobacco Packaging

With health-information and warning requirements becoming more and more regulated, tobacco companies are taking greater steps to ensure they meet high industry standards when it comes to packaging. Released with version 5.5, the latest innovation from GlobalVision was developed to facilitate the inspection of health warnings and artwork on tobacco labels and cartons.

The Compulsory Packaging Information (CPI) Extractor comes as an add-on to GlobalVision’s flagship Print Inspection system. Designed for use at each stage in the production process, it automatically compares cartons or press sheets to approved files to flag differences and ensures compliance with industry standards before going to print. This allows tobacco manufacturers to get their products to market faster by double-verifying health warnings and artwork in one complete inspection cycle.

Additional Features:

  • Generate comprehensive inspection reports to record and review all detected differences.
  • Stay on top of compliance standards by keeping track of each inspection with e-signatures for enhanced security.
  • Get color-coded grades of 1D and 2D barcodes in seconds without the need for a scanner with Barcode Inspection mode.

GlobalVision 5.5 is now available. To upgrade, contact sales.

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